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    QO Admin

    Are you the proud owner of a Questionable Origin Device? Say hello and share a picture if you feel like it!

    The last of the beta units on the bench for assembly

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    Chad Tudor

    I have a device!  It’s from the first production Run!  It’s number 13 of 12.  I forgot to take a picture of it before I shipped it to our pals at Akerworks but they took one…

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    QO Admin

    [quote quote=87]I have a device! It’s from the first production Run! It’s number 13 of 12. I forgot to take a picture of it before I shipped it to our pals at Akerworks but they took one…


    Akerworks makes some amazing stuff, and I’m glad we get to use it on Devices.

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    Kris Paige

    I am proud to say I have Device #12! I will get a picture, eventually. To make her mine, she’s about to get some decoration that will mark the Device as one that could ONLY be mine. But first I have to spin a couple pounds of strange fiber….

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    Well, let’s just say that all of the excitement about The Device leading up to The Fiber Revival (and signing up for Abby’s classes again this year) got me thinking that I just may need to sit down at the it and give it a try. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for innovation and shiny new tools; therefore The Device First Production Run #1 of 12 came home to live with me. It’s a yellow one. And I really, really, really love spinning on it. It is evident from first glance that so much thought was put into it.

    What do I love about it?

    1.      The ease of set-up – I’ll be honest, I didn’t even read the instructions before I set it up at home (well written that they are of course!) because Abby explained it so well in the video that came out the week before they headed to New England. I think it takes about 2 minutes to set it up and you are ready to go.

    2.      The tachometer. I am not a “have to spin perfect and evenly” girl – nope, not me, but I do really like being able to find a comfortable number and stick with it – whether it is speeding up the motor or dialing the Scotch tension in a bit when the bobbin starts to fill. Also, the fact that I can leave it set at speed, shut down and come back later and its right back where we were.

    3.      The on-board batteries – no need to have another thing on the table/chair/ottoman/milkcrate to plug in. And having the option to plug it into the wall if you don’t want to be on battery power is a plus.

    4.      The flyer and bobbins – I have never owned a Majacraft, but I really like using this flyer – and have ordered myself a Wild Flyer to go along with it. It is so quiet and with the Akerworks bobbins, it looks really cool too. I’ve been using Adan’s bobbins for a while and am so happy that they went with them – light weight, breakdown, plus, you can get any color of the rainbow.

    5.      The design – this is one funky looking machine – and it makes this old punk rock girl smile every time I look at it.

    So thank you Chad & Abby for coming out with a terrific handspinning machine – after all, it is “handspinning” and not “footspinning.”

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    Jasmin Knitmore

    I’m Jasmin, and I have 8/12. Once she’s been properly bling-ed up, I’ll post a photo.

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    I don’t know what my device # is, but her name is Agent 99. I bought her at SAFF, the last 5 minutes of the entire weekend. Agent 99 on her first road trip

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