Device build blog: 06 Mar 2018

Well, it’s been a few days and I figured folks might be interested in what has been going on. PARTS, that’s what.  Toolheads are mostly done, they still need the mount for the hall effect sensor (the sensor for the tachometer) welded on.  Motor bases and toolhead bases are complete, they’re ready for media blasting.  […]

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Device Build Blog 13 Feb 2018

Tuesday!  13Feb2018 Holy cow, we’re shipping…. More than half of this run are out the door, but I was quiet last week, so here’s what everyone missed. I got sick, it was super exciting.  Actually that was Friday.  Tues,Weds,Thurs, Victoria made an appearance in the shop and she’s helping me with some documentation to train […]

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Benefit Auction for Esther Rodgers: one Device with cosmetic flaw

Official YouTube announcement: Anyone who stopped by to see Esther Rodgers of Jazzturtle Creations at SAFF knows that she suffered from a serious medical issue, requiring a hospitalization lasting almost two weeks and leaving her unable to teach at SAFF or really do much other than be appreciative of all the love and support she received […]

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