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Benefit Auction for Esther Rodgers: one Device with cosmetic flaw

Official YouTube announcement:

Anyone who stopped by to see Esther Rodgers of Jazzturtle Creations at SAFF knows that she suffered from a serious medical issue, requiring a hospitalization lasting almost two weeks and leaving her unable to teach at SAFF or really do much other than be appreciative of all the love and support she received from the community in her booth over the past weekend.
WE can do something to help. Questionable Origin is donating one of our e-spinners (with a slight manufacturing scar) to an eBay auction to benefit Esther Rogers (a.k.a. Jazz Turtle Creations) to help offset medical costs and the loss of earnings while she begins her long road to recuperation.

This specific Device is not being taken out of the pool of six soon to be made available to the people on the waiting list maintained by Spunky Eclectic.

It will be a three day auction beginning on Friday 11 November 2016. All proceeds of the auction will be going to Esther.

QO will cover the auction fees, and a generous donor has agreed to cover shipping.

You can follow along here, or on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/questionableorigin

Auction includes:

  • The Device v1.1
  • 2 Akerworks collapsible bobbins
  • One Majacraft Standard size delta orifice flyer
  • One Majacraft Jumbo Flyer
  • One Majacraft Jumbo Bobin
  • One Akerworks orifice tool.
  • One Bottle of PTFE super oil.
  • One small tool bag.
  • One footswitch
  • One 12v wall plug.
  • One battery charger
  • (4) 18650 batteries
  • One Questionable Origin Swag Pack containing:
  • – One Questionable Origin T-shirt (2XL)
    – One fancy tote.
    – Several stickers and pens
    – Two genuine Abby Batts.

$1400 value


The whole shebang


High speed battery charger, 4x 18650 batteries, drive band, foot switch, orifice tool
Device, 2 Abby Batts, 2 flyers, 3 bobbins, t-shirt, stickers, tote bag, battery charger


Standard delta orifice flyer, jumbo size wild flyer, 2 collapsible Akerworks bobbins, one jumbo Majacraft bobbin
Device shown open

Batt 1
Batt 2

4 thoughts on “Benefit Auction for Esther Rodgers: one Device with cosmetic flaw

    1. Thank you, Carol! We don’t know of a direct donation effort going on right now, but we will keep everyone posted as we learn more! And stay tuned for the auction and help us out by sharing about it on social media if you’re able!

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