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Device Build Blog 13 Feb 2018

Tuesday!  13Feb2018

Holy cow, we’re shipping….

More than half of this run are out the door, but I was quiet last week, so here’s what everyone missed.

I got sick, it was super exciting.  Actually that was Friday.  Tues,Weds,Thurs, Victoria made an appearance in the shop and she’s helping me with some documentation to train folks up to take on some of the tasks with assembly.  It slowed us down a bit, but it’s going to make it so we’re delivering a better product so I figured the time spent was well worth it.

So, where are we?  Well, I was under the weather Fri, Sat, Sun (migraine) – so not a whole lot.  But – we’re back on track.  One Device went out the day before yesterday, four left today.  Tomorrow I have to play car guy for a 1/2 day so I’ll probably only get two out the door, but everything should be ready to ship by this Friday.  I was playing catch up yesterday and today and I did a really bad job of taking pictures.  I snapped a few today tho.

Final phase assembly on a schwanky pearl blue and silver cased number.  It looks like it’s almost ready for me to take inside for Abby to do some test spinning on.

Yet another from today, waiting for Abby to do some test spinning.

So, what do we have left?  There are four of yours and one of mine.  Mine is last, but I’m sure you’ve all noticed that they haven’t been assembled in ‘order’.  They’re not.  They don’t get added to the list in order so for final assembly I randomly choose numbers (electronically) to try and make it as fair as possible.  Anyhoo, so now you know.  I’ll do my best to take more assembly pics tomorrow.

And tomorrow’s contestants are:

I’m not sure if I’m a car guy in the morning or the afternoon, but they’ll make the 18:00 shipping cut off tomorrow.  I have to work around Brian’s schedule tomorrow as he finishes up a couple other things.

I’m sorry everyone but at least it’s a pretty car I’ll be working on, there will be pictures of that on Instagram tomorrow also.

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