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Device Build Blog, 5 February 2018

We finally received a partial Pelican order late Thurs, I opened it first thing Friday – all of our black cases arrived. It’s enough to start so start we did. All of the black cases in this run were drilled and had the first part of assembly done, I’ll post more pictures tomorrow when I’ve got a helper.

For now, let’s look at knobs.    I made these maybe a month ago.  9 of the 10 knobs used in this batch are shown in the above picture, the 10th is out of a batch of knobs I’d made previously.  The parting tool had a chip in the cutter and chewed up the last that I cut out that day.  It was too ugly to use and I just left it in the bin with the other 1/2 dozen or so orphaned knobs.  Today was it’s day..

In machinists circles not getting a clean cut and having to hand finish the part is typically something that gets the maker of the part teased.   I hand finished that part.  Tease away.

Anyhoo, I’ve just finished assembly on the first device in this run…  A couple decals need to be applied but that all gets handled when I finish it in QA.  I have help coming in tomorrow to help with final assembly and QA to maybe get this batch out the door faster.  I’m still waiting on some flyers and some cases, but I’m hoping that they’ll be in before I’m done with the 6 black cased Devices in this batch.  Fingers crossed.  I suspect that everyone who ordered a device in a black case will get notified that we’re ready to ship by the end of the week.

There are some aesthetic choices we’d like to be able to give folks.  The ribbon that aids in the removal of the batteries is actually a funny thing.  For instance, I have yet to find ribbon that’s close to any of the purples I have, but the couple I have are at least complimentary.  I buy good ribbon as I find it.

I’d found a paint that matches the purple powder coats I have and I’ve started painting the tachometer housings to match for the purple Devices, I haven’t had as much luck with the other colors.

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