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Device Build Blog, 22 January 2018

Welding is done.

All the welding is knocked out. Everything on the 1/2 sheet pan is ready for bead blasting and powder coat. The toolheads need a bit of cleaning up and grinding. We’re still waiting on some of the ordered parts to arrive. Assuming cases get here by the end of the week, I’ll be starting assembly by the weekend. The cases are supposed to ship tomorrow/weds – here’s hoping. (It seems silly but ordering a dozen or two pelican cases at a time takes longer than one would think.)

But for now, part of our powder coat order arrived with some new colors to try out. The larger order with the huge amount of purple powder isn’t here yet, but I think I have enough to start this run. Anyhoo, see if any of these names grab ye…

Some new power coats colors to try out.

I’ll be shooting test panels in the AM, and I’m really interested in how the brembo orange gold turns out. It’s supposed to be very gold flake and some orange – we’ll see. The aqua orange pearl is going to just be a warmer aqua rather than an aqua-y orange I think; but again – we’ll see.

That’s it for today…. just a couple more steps and these parts get assigned to specific devices.

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