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Device Build Blog, 19 January 2018

Lots done today. Still in parts mode. All metal parts are cut and drilled. Tomorrow I’ll start prepping the pieces for welding and we should be ready to start welding together hard parts no later than Monday (Even self-employed people have to take a day off now and again because they ran out of clean clothes.)

I’d like to say a very special thank you to Abby and Victoria. They have really streamlined the process for starting these production runs. What usually takes me a week after Abby hands me a list of names they knocked out in an afternoon. Which leaves me extra time for things like this.

Build Queue – Jan 2018

Look at that. If you’re in the queue, I’ll wager you can find your name. For now the bins hold small parts that I dole out at the beginning of the build, it helps with our inventory. Some custom parts are in the bins. I did a run of brass scotch tension knobs, the last few runs of Devices had bronze knobs; but mostly they’re generic parts like bearings, pulleys, etc.

That’s as far as I thought I’d be this evening after getting the queue set up and getting parts orders in by the end of the day today. Nope, as I said Abby and Victoria handled all that and I’ve been in the metal shop over the past three days getting a head start.

Bins of parts!
Hard parts build process for January Device build queue.

The further something is to the right in that picture the closer it is to powder coating. In the red bins there are nuts, and metal samples (ignore those). In the yellow bins are toolheads ready for welding, motor bracket bases ready for welding, toolhead bases ready for welding, and some bolts I use for setup. The yellow bin with the black painted front has a couple fixtures I use for welding these things together. Finally the green bins on the right are parts ready to be bead blasted then powder coated. The motor brackets are ready, as are the bearing plates, and the switch plates.

I don’t know if I will be able to find time every day for updates, but there should be at the very least a few a week.

I’ve got to finish gathering up my ‘homework’ for tonight and try to find the floor of the metal shop under all of the metal chips.

Stuff I do while I'm watching TV.
Chad’s Friday night homework. Footswitches and battery holders. Oh my.

Happy Friday everyone.

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