Fabricating Motor mounts.
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Device Build Blog, 18 January 2018


Howdy and welcome. Wanna know how your Device is moving through the production process? You’re in the right place. Welcome to the Build-a-long Blog. Once we have everyone signed up for this run – I’ll label the bins and you folks will get to track your actual Device’s progress as we move through this production cycle.

We have 10 e-spinners in this batch, no doodads. 8 of those 10 are custom for you wonderful people who are paying to keep the heat on and feed us our supper. Two are for a small inventory I’m trying to build for festival season.

Fabricating Motor mounts.
Part progression – motor mounts.

We are currently in what I call “Hole drilling phase”.

When I build these various pieces of textile equipment I do not build each and every part every time. I build parts in batches, making extras every time to try and spread out the labor across builds and help the whole process move along as rapidly as possible. This time what I was low on was motor brackets, bearing block brackets, and bearing blocks. Currently I’m in the middle of fabricating the motor brackets, and hopefully get the bearing blocks cut up and drilled. The bearing brackets I finished drilling yesterday – they just need deburring.

The motor mount bracket is a tear-drop shape that I can’t just cut into it’s final form on the chop-saw. The added weight helps the Device run silent and not vibrate. We’ve do everything we can think of to make these e-spinners as fast and quiet as possible.

For the motor mounts, first I cut the pieces to size, drill 4 – 1/4″ holes, mark out the shape, cut it out roughly on the band saw, finish the shape on the 2×72″ belt grinder, and finally en-biggen the center hole to make space for the motor’s “protrusion”. Once I get the last of the ‘hole drilling phase” work done – we’ll move into full fabrication and I’ll be welding and grinding to make these ready for powder coating.

Follow along – it will be fun.

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