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Welcome to the Questionable Origin Device Build blog for March2018

Welcome folks.  My name is Chad.  I build things for a living. This blog is about me building something for you.

My bench when I walked into the shop this morning.

This is the second time I’ve attempted a build blog with a run of e-spinners.  I think it’s fun and I think it gives people a glimpse into what goes into their Device.  So, where are we at?  Well, most of your parts are ordered or on site.  We’re still waiting on our Pelican case order (we’re always waiting on our pelican case order).  Speed controllers aren’t here yet either, but that’s O.K., we don’t need ’em yet.

If any of you aren’t following along with us on  www.instagram.com/questionableorigin it’s worth checking in.  Anyhoo, if you saw on instagram last week I picked up a big steel order and spent the last part of the week making hard parts out of said steel.  This weekend has been mostly organizing and finishing up some prototyping.   On the pink cutting mat you can see where I was prototyping a new circuit for the footswitch. I spent the remainder of my morning building a sample harness, then I wrote up documentation so I don’t forget how I figured everything out.   That done I could get most of the car stuff off the right side off my bench and give us some space for everyone’s bins.


The current build queue was on the parts shelf next to the deck lid from my beetle.


Everyone’s bins had been relegated to the parts shelf until I made a clean spot on my bench.  Here are the green bins on the second shelf of some storage shelves.  The bins on the lower shelf are a morass of Device and Doodad parts. (It is organized, just poorly.) By the way; the folded up case next to the build queue is one of the very first prototypes, that one was used by Esther Rogers.  I made it for her about a year ago. she was a huge help in the project development stage.  She’s recently gotten a new one as a thank-you.

As an aside, for anyone who is interested in producing something for sale, I have a wee bit of advice.  While I truly believe that chaos is the most dense form of storage – embrace organization as soon as you are able.  Initially it will feel like a massive stupid time sink, but any time spent organizing will be repaid ten fold in rapid assembly and fabrication.  My time spent organizing over the past six months has made both the assembly and fabrication processes exponentially faster.  With every batch I get about 10% faster, just because I know where all the bits are.


The current fabrication queue.

Tomorrow I’ll start welding all those bits together.  From left to right, here’s what’s on the docket…
The cardboard box are parts that are ready for abrasive blasting and powder coat.  The leftmost yellow bin contains toolhead bases.  The top second yellow box has some Doodad bases I’m trying to complete by DFW(at the end of the month). The lower second yellow bin contains motor mount lower brackets.  The third yellow bins are Doodad uprights.  The forth yellow bin holds all the parts to the toolheads. The last yellow bin is just a bunch of bolts and nuts I use while welding together pieces.  I should have everything ground and blasted and ready for powdercoat by Wednesday(Hopefully – Thurs at the latest).  The goal is to be in the assembly phase by next Monday if not by the weekend.


The assembly bins have now been moved over to my bench…

The current assembly queue

There they be.  Nestled in between the plumbing for the Nitrous system for my beetle and some battery and tachometer assemblies that need to be wired up.  This batch of e-spinners actually contains my first international order.  How Bow Dah?  Not only does it contain my first international order, it contains my second, and third.  No shit.  I’m quite chuffed.  We have one that will be off to Sweden, another to Australia(*fistbump fellow colonists*), and our third is heading to the Orkney Islands in the U.K.  We’re global now baybee.  Also, numbers assigned to the various builds are all random, don’t read anything into it.   Also, the assembly order will be random – I use a randomizer to decide what gets assembled in what order.  I’m just trying to be fair.

For those curious, the bin labeled “shop” is inventory for shows.  I try to sneak one or two in each batch.  The color on this one will be the Fool’s Gold Pearl powdercoat I showed in an instagram post recently.


Next time, y’all will start recognizing parts.

For those curious.  Opening day at the drag strip is 15Mar.  No, my car is nowhere near ready.  I was supposed to have the engine ready to go in the car today – that ain’t going to happen.  I’m still fairly confident I can meet that deadline also – lets watch.  15March – wheelies or I’m pulling the remainder of my hair out – either outcome I’m sure it will be funny.

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  1. Wonderful! (And since I’m just launching into building electric bikes for sale the advice to organise sooner rather than later is most appreciated.) We can’t wait to get our Device!

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