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Device build blog: 06 Mar 2018

Well, it’s been a few days and I figured folks might be interested in what has been going on.

PARTS, that’s what.  Toolheads are mostly done, they still need the mount for the hall effect sensor (the sensor for the tachometer) welded on.  Motor bases and toolhead bases are complete, they’re ready for media blasting.  I still have a few doodad bases to weld up (most of you folks don’t care about that) and tomorrow I’ll finish up the toolheads and do finish grinding on them.  I’m hoping to spend the majority of tomorrow in front of the blasting cabinet, if so we should be applying powder coat on Thursday.  I would have had the welding done yesterday but we had a constant stream of car people in and out of the shop.  Around 11am I just gave up on the noisy work and worked stuff that was more agreeable to conversation.



But that was today, what happened yesterday?


Secret revealed!  I’m the one who makes the beginner spindles for Abby’s classes!  I don’t think that will surprise anyone, but I do have to spend time doing it.  I made in the neighborhood of 112 spindles (low and high whorl), that should hold her for a couple months.


The majority of my time Sunday and Monday was spent finishing up wiring harnesses.   While the majority of the harnesses I can make in advance (I made a few dozen harnesses this weekend), but some parts like the tachometer assemblies and battery holders, are made for each batch.  The tachometer harnesses has some fiddly bits that can break in storage, the battery holders just take up a lot of space once assembled; so I build them as-needed.  Anyhoo, all done.


We’re still waiting on the Pelican case order to arrive.  I have two black cases on hand, so if our Pelican case order doesn’t arrive before I’m ready for them, I can at least begin assembling a couple later in the week or this weekend.  But we’re still waiting on pelican cases and speed controllers.  It’s still not an emergency, we don’t need them yet.


If anyone was counting parts in the first picture…. I have *some* pre-built pieces in black, so those didn’t need to be made.  I also have a couple spare toolheads in this batch, and 4 doodads (bobbin winders).  The toolheads for e-spinners have a big hole in them, the ones for bobbin winders do not.  The more you know…..

One thought on “Device build blog: 06 Mar 2018

  1. Thanks for the update. I love making stuff, buying tools to make stuff and watching the process of stuff being made. Thanks for the attention you folks put into this adventure.

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