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Device Order Timelines For The Rest of 2018

Fall Fiber Festival season is almost upon us! One of the main questions we’re hearing is:

When do I need to order my Device so I can have it in time for Spinzilla, or Rhinebeck, or SAFF, or another event?

We’ve put together this helpful timeline to make that easier for you to do, taking into consideration that we can only make so many Devices per run, and we can’t order some things ourselves until your order is placed and your deposit is received. We only have a few dozen more spots this year and we know a bunch of those are spoken for. Since prices go up starting 1 January, if you’ve been waiting, you might want to get your order in before these spots are all gone.


BY SPINZILLA (the first full week in October):

– Order now! The latest you can order and expect your Device by the first full week of October is 10 September. If you’re wanting time to get to know it before you start spinning seriously, you’ll want to order sooner rather than later.


– Order now! We can also arrange to deliver your Device at SAFF and provide you with an orientation and tuning advice.


– Have your order in to us before the end of September.


– Order and place your deposit by 10 November.


We expect to make 6 in September, 6 in October, and 6 in November, and then re-assess the product and pricing. If you want a Doodad, click the green ? at lower left and send us a note.


Lastly for now: August is our big anniversary of making Devices for sale! To celebrate, we’re offering everyone who places an order before 1 September the chance to customize what fiber you get with your device, and get more of it! So long as you order and place your deposit by midnight GMT on August 31, 2018 (that’s 7pm Eastern Daylight Time, 4pm Pacific time), instead of the usual sampling fiber we supply, Abby will make one of her signature Fresh Rovings for you in the color and blend you choose from a wide range of available options! If one isn’t enough, you can order up to 4 — which can mean as much as a pound of fresh, custom-blended roving of your dreams. The first one’s on us, additional ones are 50% off regular retail, ONLY for folks who place their order by the end of August! Why would we do this? Because we shamelessly admit we want to make a really cool graph of August 2015, August 2016, August 2017, and August 2018.

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