QO Special Operations

From time to time, QO will run a special operation. Right now, for instance, we’d like to hear from folks who are considering purchasing a new Device at SAFF, because we may have a special operation for you! For a limited time, we can offer you a chance to reserve your Device and pick your powder coat color (and possibly some other options). If this interests you, please click the little green hovering ? at the lower right, and send us a message. We’ll be back in touch shortly with all the info you’ll need to decide.

Why would we do this? Well, because we can — as long as we get your info before powdercoating starts the first week in October. Also, because it lets us pilot our process for doing custom orders and figure out how those can work for our dealers as well.

While you’re thinking about it, take a look around Instagram and Facebook to check out lots of brightly-colored Devices!