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– 1 Silver Case / Candy Pearl Raspberry hardware ($1324 + shipping)
– 1 Black Case / Black Pearl 5000 hardware ($1274 + shipping)

To purchase an in-stock unit, select the color combo listed, add to cart, and follow the checkout process! We ship same day if ordered before noon M-F, or before 10 am Saturday; otherwise, orders ship next business day.



On a very occasional basis we have Devices in stock and available for immediate delivery! If you’re looking to order a custom Device, click here.

By default, Devices come in a black case, with matte black powdercoated hardware inside.

Standard Device Colors: Black Case, Matte Black Powdercoated Hardware

But you can personalize your own Device in several ways, like changing the case color and/or the powdercoated hardware color.

Device with Candy Pearl Purple hardware

Powdercoat Samples:

Powdercoat Samples 3/2018
Powdercoat Samples 3/2018

Check out the photo gallery for closer views of powdercoated sample cards, as well as real-world pictures of Devices in their natural habitat, to help you decide. If none of the samples we’ve already done are exactly what you’re looking for, let us know — so far, we’ve been able to satisfy every color wish folks have brought us.

By default, Devices come in black Pelican 1400 cases; by special order, they can be any of the colors in which Pelican makes that case. That’s black, silver, sand, OD green, orange, and yellow. If you do not select a custom color case, you’ll receive a black case.

Your Device will come with one standard size Majacraft flyer, and two (2) AkerWorks standard size bobbins (this is what will fit neatly inside the case when it’s all packed up). Additional bobbins may be purchased directly from Akerworks. QO does not guarantee you will be able to fit more than 2 bobbins inside the case.

You will also receive four (4) brand new 18650 batteries, and a separate high-speed charger for those batteries, and a 12V 10A power supply rated for 100-240V AC, with a standard USA plug. We will also supply you with the standard QO swag package at the time your Device ships — this is typically stickers, pens, and a fibery treat to spin, but sometimes will include some other goodies.

In stock as of November 13 2018:

Silver Case / Candy Pearl Raspberry Hardware $1324
Black Case / Black Pearl 5000 (glitter black) $1274

To order, select color combo and add to cart.

Additional information

Weight 258 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 10 in
Case Color

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Hardware Color

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