The Doodad

The Doodad

The Doodad

We’re pleased to announce a long-awaited special run of our ¬†motorized bobbin winder and quill spinner, The Doodad!


With three legs you can position variably for stability, you can set your Doodad up on a wide range of surfaces. Nonslip rubber feet keep it in place, and a wide base plate allows for clamping if you are so inclined.

The Doodad is Questionable Origin's combo motorized bobbin winder and quill spinner!

The Doodad’s bi-directional variable speed controller allows you to wind bobbins in either direction, at whatever speed you like — as well as to spin in either direction, at¬†up to 10,000 RPM. That’s similar to what you can do with a great wheel (aka walking wheel) with acceleration in the 200:1 range.


What’s that cord coming out the bottom? We’re glad you asked! It goes to the integrated foot switch — which you can use with your feet, your hands, your elbow, or whatever you like, to quickly pause, turn the Doodad on and off, and simplify your spinning or your bobbin winding.

The Doodad is compatible with every weaving shuttle bobbin and storage bobbin we’ve tried, as well as a number of spinning wheel bobbins.

Every Doodad in this batch is durably powdercoat in deep pearl purple as shown above. And they’re going fast! Get yours before they’re gone, for $275 USD plus $9 flat rate shipping!


Interested in a Doodad? Check them out at the new site:

View The Doodad at QO’s new site!