Specialty Engine Services

We understand that many enthusiasts enjoy wrenching on their own VW engines — so do we! Some things, like going to a stroker crank or getting displacement above 1641cc, are just not something that can happen in everyone’s garage. Some of these jobs require large, heavy, expensive, or specialized equipment.

Well, today is your lucky day! Questionable Origin has taken this into consideration, and we’ve amassed all of that stuff, freeing up space in your home shop for more Volkswagens and more Porsches!

But wait: there’s more!

Brian Kaucher, our in-house engine specialist, has been in the business of building air-cooled VW and Porsche engines for over 15 years. He’s here as a resource, and wants nothing more than to build your next air-cooled Porsche or VW engine.

However, we still understand you probably enjoy working on your own engine, too. So bring your case, and let us line bore that mammajamma for you! We’ll happily cut those cases and heads so you can take ’em back home and tinker without the hassle of having a few tons of metalworking machinery cluttering up your garage.

Questionable Origin’s air-cooled VW and Porsche machine work prices as of January 2017:

  • Line Bore: We don’t care, we’ll chip away 020, 040, or 060. (at 080, we’d recommend a new case instead): $80
  • Case Saver installation (includes case savers): $70
  • Cut block for larger cylinders: $75
  • Cut heads for larger cylinders: $75
  • Full flow the block: $35
  • Clearance case for stroker crank 72-82mm: $80
  • Clearance case for stroker crank 82-86mm: $120

Can we do it mail order? Maybe — give us a call at (513)283-6677, or send us an email!