The Device: Package and Pricing for Version 1.0

The Device: Package and Pricing for Version 1.0


Watch the video above for a quick introduction to the Device, the e-spinner made by Questionable Origin LTD! You can read its history here. 

What You Get

  • The Device itself is permanently mounted inside an impact-resistant resin case lined in foam cushion to reduce noise and protect the mechanical systems when transporting it
  • Functional spinning speeds tested from 50 to 4000 RPM at the flyer, with unladen capacity to 12,000 RPM
  • Digital tachometer displaying flyer RPM
  • Bi-directional speed controller allowing for smooth operation in either direction of twist
  • Pause control foot switch
  • 4 onboard lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, with wall charger, providing a full day of spinning power based on our testing to date. Battery power: 16 volts
  • Power adapter for USA outlets. Plugged in: 12 volts DC
  • 1 Majacraft standard fine fiber orifice flyer
  • 2 AkerWorks flat-pack bobbins
  • 1 AkerWorks orifice tool
  • 2 small allen wrenches for adjustments
  • 1 precision oil pen with PTFE lubricant
  • QO accessory pack: t-shirt, pen, sticker
  • “Early Adopter’s Warranty:” as long as you, the original purchaser of a version 1.0 Device, continue to own that device, if you ship it to us, we’ll fix it for you with no questions of fault as to what went wrong. If we have to buy parts to do it, we’ll split the cost of those parts with you. If you sell your version 1.0 Device, we’ll also provide you with an option where the purchaser can choose to buy whatever our fanciest warranty is when you sell the Device, provided you let us recondition the Device for sale.
  • Retail Price: $1199 plus tax

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does it weigh? Fully packed with all the above, approximately 12 pounds.
  • How long does the battery last under normal load? We don’t have enough data to determine what “normal load” will be. Abby used hers for 3 days straight at a workshop without recharging, didn’t charge the batteries again for 3 weeks, and then did 2 more days of teaching and still had juice to spin in the car on the way home.
  • Can you use any Majacraft flyer? So far, we haven’t found any that don’t work. Depending on age and version, some require a minor adjustment (with the tools included) for optimum performance. We have tested standard, delta, jumbo, overdrive, lace, and e-system flyers, plus the stylus attachment. The skein winder does not fit.
  • Are custom colors available? Version 1.0 is available with a black case, and in an assortment of powdercoated colors for the internal hardware. Custom color cases and powdercoating will be available in future releases, at an additional cost.
  • What about international power? We expect that eventually, we’ll have international versions readily available, but for the time being, we had no way to guess which other countries might be where Devices will see use. So we developed for easy internationalization, but you’ll have to contact us for details for now.
  • Where can I buy a Device? We’re launching sales at Fiber Revival, on Saturday, 13 August, 2016. You can buy one from us there, or come see us in October at SAFF. If you’re not going to be either of those places in person, stay tuned! We will be announcing online sales through dealers over the next few months.
  • Does the Device have LRF support? Yes, the Device features fully-integrated USA-made LRF pre-installed for ease of use with horizontal platforms. The Device handles LRF support through the use of heavy duty HDRF.
  • Can I be a dealer? Eventually, perhaps. Version 1.1 will roll out with our pioneering dealer, Spunky Eclectic, who will assist us in shaking out all the kinks of the dealer agreement we envision. Stay tuned.